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  • Picture of Crystal plated earrings

    Crystal plated earrings


  • Picture of Leaf feather

    Leaf feather


  • Picture of Leaf feather

    Leaf feather


  • Picture of sterling silver hoop earring

    sterling silver hoop earring


  • Picture of candy ear studs

    candy ear studs


  • Picture of Cute Studs

    Cute Studs


  • Picture of Disco Ball Earrings

    Disco Ball Earrings


  • Picture of Inverted pyramid

    Inverted pyramid


  • Picture of Many rohmbus

    Many rohmbus


  • Picture of Mix Twisties

    Mix Twisties


  • Picture of Elegant Ear crystals

    Elegant Ear crystals


  • Picture of Never Ending chain

    Never Ending chain


  • Picture of Blue phoenix

    Blue phoenix


  • Picture of Round bamboo

    Round bamboo


  • Picture of Cute turquoise earrings

    Cute turquoise earrings


  • Picture of Turquoise turtle

    Turquoise turtle


  • Picture of Tassell Fall

    Tassell Fall


  • Picture of Metallic dragon

    Metallic dragon


  • Picture of Five plus one hearts

    Five plus one hearts


  • Picture of Five plus one stars

    Five plus one stars


  • Picture of Double white pearls

    Double white pearls


  • Picture of Double Red pearls

    Double Red pearls


  • Picture of Double Blue pearls

    Double Blue pearls


  • Picture of Double Black pearls

    Double Black pearls


  • Picture of 3 mini flowers

    3 mini flowers


  • Picture of 4 silver planets

    4 silver planets


  • Picture of Black tears

    Black tears


  • Picture of Diamond Tears

    Diamond Tears


  • Picture of Blood tears

    Blood tears


  • Picture of Purple tears

    Purple tears


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