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  • Picture of Blushy floral

    Blushy floral


  • Picture of Feather Bib

    Feather Bib


  • Picture of Star covered heart

    Star covered heart


  • Picture of Round Feather Choker

    Round Feather Choker


  • Picture of Layered Pendant

    Layered Pendant


  • Picture of Colourful charm chain

    Colourful charm chain


  • Picture of Peacock enamel pendent

    Peacock enamel pendent


  • Picture of Golden leaf pendent

    Golden leaf pendent


  • Picture of Multi tassel fringe

    Multi tassel fringe


  • Picture of Blacklace Choker

    Blacklace Choker


  • Picture of Curvy Choker

    Curvy Choker


  • Picture of Curvy Choker

    Curvy Choker


  • Picture of Vintage affair

    Vintage affair


  • Picture of Sleek Chic

    Sleek Chic


  • Picture of 7 Strands

    7 Strands


  • Picture of Love



  • Picture of Earthyness



  • Picture of Blue Tribe

    Blue Tribe


  • Picture of Triple triangles Blue

    Triple triangles Blue


  • Picture of Square series wh

    Square series wh


  • Picture of Square series Blk

    Square series Blk


  • Picture of Astro Moon

    Astro Moon


  • Picture of Too many suns

    Too many suns


  • Picture of Cracked sea Shells

    Cracked sea Shells


  • Picture of Cracked stone Shells

    Cracked stone Shells


  • Picture of Tribal metallic flowers

    Tribal metallic flowers


  • Picture of Bow Tie silver

    Bow Tie silver


  • Picture of Bow Tie gold

    Bow Tie gold


  • Picture of Amethyst in heart

    Amethyst in heart


  • Picture of Green Leaves

    Green Leaves


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